Welcome to Tree Spirit Wisdom

Welcome to Tree Spirit Wisdom.

My goal is to create a nurturing, educational and inspirational place for you to land and renew your soul. I believe trees have been silently guiding us on our journey through life from the moment we took our first breath. I also believe that we are all, metaphorically, living Trees of Life who are just beginning to awaken to our true nature.

We are not separate from trees and nature, in fact we are intrinsically interrelated and interdependent. We would not be here today if it were not for trees and their desire to evolve and support us. They are the ones who came before us and created the right environment for us to live on this earth. We have been co-evolving with trees ever since.

My hope is that we awaken from the amnesia of separation and remember that we all belong to one another. By awakening within we also expand our awareness of our enduring and intimate relationship with trees.

Perfect Business Partnership

As we evolved, trees were the ones that nourished us. They challenged us to learn how to receive their gifts of food, wood and fire. The more we learned from them the more we realized they offered the raw materials for tools, shelter, clothing, paper and medicine.

Trees literally provided the “spark” that ignited our imagination and sense of wonder. They inspired us to create art, music, language, math and time itself. There is no other single species on earth that gives more of themselves unconditionally than trees.

The World Tree is also known as the “Axis Mundi.” The Axis Mundi represents a giant tree or pole that runs through the earth’s core. Earth revolves daily on this axis. The Anima Mundi is the World Soul that is the collective soul of Earth.


There are thousands of stories about trees and the Tree of Life. They are etched in our hearts to remind us of our shared roots. Unfortunately some stories tried to separate us from this sacred knowledge and our intrinsic relationship with trees.

Adam and Eve

The story of the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge resides deep within our cellular memory. Genesis 3:22 – “The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever.”  This story represents our “original wound” of separation that we are now healing. The Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge exist as one within us. It is both male and female, dark and light, knowledge and mystery.

One of the greatest lessons that trees teach us is that of life and death. They show us the great cycle of life through the seasons of the year. They teach us impermanence and the importance of letting go.

Four season tree, photo manipulation, magical, nature

They release their leaves in fall (death), draw on their inner resources in winter (rebirth), sprout new life in spring (birth) and spread their branches in summer (life.)

Eventually, each and every tree experiences a larger more permanent physical death just as humans do. Once their vital life force leaves they gradually decompose and become one with the earth from which they came, but the spirit of the tree lives on.

The rings of a tree mirror the organizing principal of life. The core of a tree is called the “heartwood,” a reminder to live from our hearts.

Native Americans call trees the “standing people.”

Over the course of human existence mankind has created Gods and Goddesses beyond themselves as a way to reflect their own desires and dreams of immortality. These are actually projections of our humanity onto the universe around us. There are over 10,000 names for God. When we begin to see that we are all the names and faces of god, we will begin to heal the stories that separated us and honor the weaving of cultures that created us.


By becoming more conscious of trees, we become more conscious of ourself.

I invite you to explore this site and read the many Tree Stories that have shaped our collective memory.  Together we can help each other grow in love.

“The Tree of Life lives within each of us, helping us awaken to our true nature. Let us reach out with branches of compassion, connect with each other through our shared roots, and hold space for all to grow and feel loved.” – Laural Virtues Wauters 

To learn more visit: www.lauralwauters.com


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