Major Arcana

The Tarot is an oracle deck of 78 cards that have been used since the 16thcentury, but its roots may date back to ancient Egypt or Mesopotamia. The Tarot is divided into two groups: The Major Arcana of 22 cards, and the Minor Arcana of 56 cards. The word arcana is based on the Latin word arcanus, meaning hidden secret.

Major Arcana (important secret) represents 22 archetypal aspects of our life’s journey. It is helpful to imagine the major arcana arranged in a circle versus a line to visualize it as the wheel of life.

In Pythagorean terms, a circle is seen as the creator of many and the sum of all. It is the beginning point and the container of all.

In Tree Spirit Tarot, the first Major Arcana card “0” is the Wonderer, (Fool) “the one who is wondering”.  The journey of the Wonderer is also found in the ancient mystery teachings of the Kabbalah. The Wonderer (soul) enters the Tree of Life and descends through the ten sefirot to manifest into human form. As a fully manifested human the Wonderer’s innate desire is to remember itself as a soul. This inspires the wonderer to now ascend the Tree of Life in hopes of returning home to spiritual oneness. There are ten Sefirot (circles) in the Kabbalah (Tree of Life), each represents an emanation of divine will (wisdom teaching). 

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The left three branches represent the sacred feminine forces of darkness; the right three are the sacred masculine forces of light. The central trunk is the neutral, self-giving “one”. The Tree of Life diagram is based on the number seven, which aligns with the 7 chakras (energy centers).

Cards “1-21” represent the path one takes in finding their unique place in the world as they face the challenges and opportunities of life. Eventually a desire to return home becomes the ultimate goal.

Major Arcana

0. Fool/Wonderer Rowan – Calling

I. Magician/Magi – Almond – Purpose     

II. High Priestess – Pomegranate – Intuition

III. Empress – Sycomore – Fertility   

IV. Emperor – Oak – Divine Nature                      

V. Hierophant – Cedar – Faith 

VI. Lovers – Myrtle – Harmony

VII. Chariot – Ash – Life Force         

VIII. Strength – Mangrove – Support 

IX. Hermit – Banyan – Reflection

X. Wheel of Fortune – Acacia – Change

XI. Justice – Bristlecone Pine – Truth

XII. Hanged Man – Yew – Paradox          

XIII. Death – Cypress – Transition 

XIV. Temperance – Laurel – Moderation  

XV. Devil – Apple – Shadow        

XVI. Tower – Eucalyptus – Challenge

XVII. Star – Cottonwood – Hope  

XVIII. Moon – Willow – Illusion         

XIX. Sun – Date Palm – Renewal                     

XX. Judgment – Olive – Peace             

XXI. The World – Baobab – Return