VI. Pomegranate – Love

VI. Pomegranate – Love – Passion

Genus: Punica – Family: Lythraceae

Pomegranate reminds us to be passionate about being in love with life. Pomegranates are symbolic of eternal passion, life, love and marriage.

The word aphrodisiac is attributed to Aphrodite (Greek goddess of love, desire and beauty) who planted the first pomegranate tree on the island of Cyprus. In Roman mythology, Aphrodite/Venus is the mother of Cupid (god of love.) Venus becomes jealous of Psyche (soul) when she falls in love with her son Cupid. Psyche continually tries to prove her worth to Venus, until Cupid claims his love for Psyche. They were married with Jupiter’s blessing, proving that true love is more powerful than jealousy.

In Roman myth, Pomona, (Latin word pomun, “fruit of the trees”) was the protector goddess of fruitful abundance. The word Pomegranate is inspired by her, which evolved from the French words pomme “apple” and granatum “seeded.” The abundance of seeds within a pomegranate are seen as a symbol of fertility.

The number of seeds in a single pomegranate can vary from 200-1400. Each seed is held in the “arils” that contain red juice. The deep red color of a pomegranate along with its juice are often associated with the blood that courses through our hearts.The fruit is encased in a thick reddish outer husk and a white spongy inner membrane.

Pomegranates have often been identified as the “forbidden fruit” from the biblical Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. This speaks to the importance of making decisions and choices that will assist us on our path. Love can often distract us and take us off course. Sometimes this works to our advantage and sometimes it doesn’t. Now is a time to seek healthy, balanced and loving relationships.

Pomegranate trees are deciduous trees that can grow to be 26ft. tall and live for 200 years. They are native to the Middle East and the Himalayas. Archaeologists have carbon dated the fruit of a pomegranate to 3000 BCE. They were cultivated throughout the Mediterranean. Spaniards brought pomegranates to California and the Americas in 1769, where it has flourished as a food crop. Pomegranate seeds are a rich source of dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K and folate. Pomegranate juice is both healthy and delicious, reminding us that true love also improves our health.

Message: Pomegranate reminds us to love with a passion that fills our life with meaning and depth. Passion should not to be confused with temptation or lust. There are important choices we must make in order to pursue our passions with clarity, love and purpose. Pursuing our passion means setting healthy intentions and boundaries that feel right to our soul and our body.

Challenge: Feeling love sick, jealous or desperate for love. Being overly demonstrative and gushing, to gain attention and love. Compromising our core values to pursue superficial love and unhealthy attachments. This is a time of regaining love and respect for our self before searching for love in others.