XIX. Orange – Sun

Orange – Sun – Joy

Genus: Citruse – Family: Rutaceae

Orange invites us to embrace the warmth and joy of the sun. This is a time of confidence, truth, radiance and vitality.

The word “orange” comes from the Sanskrit word naranga (orange tree). In Hindu culture, the color orange (saffron) is considered the most sacred color for it represents the purifying power of fire. The Vedic solar goddess Surya inspired the Proto-Germanic name Sunna (Sun). The Sun is a gigantic fiery hot star in the center of our Solar System and the primary source of energy on our planet. The Sun’s appearance is like an orange. In 150 CE, Ptolemy a Greco-Roman astronomer presented a geocentric model of the universe. The Sun became one of seven “planets” orbiting earth. In 1543, Copernicus released “De revolutionibus” proposing a heliocentric model that placed the Sun in the center of our Solar System. The church banned his book in 1616 as heresy, the ban was lifted in 1835. The true, life-giving nature of the Sun was allowed to shine.

In Eastern tradition oranges are bring prosperity and good fortune. The Chinese word for tangerine means “luck.” In 17thcentury Europe, the sun-colored orange became associated with the legendary “golden apple” of love. Baroque painters featured them in portraits and still life’s as symbols of prosperity.

Sandro Botticelli “Primavera” Venus in an orange grove. (Allegory of Spring) 1470-1480.

Orange trees are flowering evergreen trees with fragrant blossoms. The orange blossom is also associated with good fortune and used in weddings bouquets, perfumes and fine cooking. Sweet oranges Citrus sinensiswere first cultivated in China around 2500 BCE. The sweet orange is a hybrid between pomelo, Citrus maxima and mandarin, Citrus reticulata. Its roots date back millions of years to the native citrons, pomelos, papeda and mandarins that grew in the Himalayan region. Sweet oranges are the most cultivated fruit trees in the world and are divided into four classes: common oranges, blood oranges, navel oranges and acid-less oranges.

The rind of an orange is used to produce “zest” which enhances the flavor of recipes incorporating orange as a flavorful ingredient. Oranges are high in vitamin C and other essential nutrients. The orange tree heralds a time of increased health and vibrancy. This is a time to live and recharge your batteries.

Organic Raw Red Blood Oranges

A cultivar of blood orange known as Tarocco, native to Italy, is thought to have inspired the name “Tarot” in the 1500s.

Message: Now is a time to allow worries to take a back seat. The spirit of orange reminds us to relax and feel joyful. Truth is coming forward that will shed light into our life and renew our sense of wonder. The wisdom we have cultivated throughout our life can nurture and restore our faith in ourselves and our world. Our innocence shines light on our truth, revealing the essence of our soul’s purpose. We are being encouraged to love all that we are.

Challenge: Becoming trite, apathetic, shriveled up or joyless. Allowing life’s challenges to define your pain versus seizing the wisdom that comes along with it.