XVI. Eucalyptus – Tower

Eucalyptus – Tower – Awakening

Genus: Eucalyptus – Family: Myrtaceae

The idea of being struck by lightning in order to awaken and face life’s challenges is what eucalyptus brings. It encourages us to break through the obstacles that have prevented us from moving forward. This is a time of stripping away our fears and the illusion that we are not capable or good enough to achieve our goals.

Rainbow Eucalyptus, Eucalyptus deglupta, sheds its outer bark by revealing ribbons of color in hues of blue, purple, orange, maroon and green. This multi-colored process encourages us to embrace our vulnerability and strength to reveal our inner truth and courage.

The genus name Eucalyptuscomes from the Greek words “eu” (well) and “kaluptos” (cover) meaning “well-covered.” This is based on the protective cap or operculum that conceals and protects the fluffy tassle-like stamens until they are ready flower and be seen.

Eucalyptus as the Tower, reminds us that we have reached a place in our life where we are being asked to make the decision to be seen and step forward. Most eucalyptus trees are evergreens whose leaves are covered in highly flammable oil glands, if caught on fire they can literally explode causing catastrophic firestorms. This destructive force reminds us to use our strength and power wisely as we begin to act on our newly awakened truth. If we do not act we will remain “safe” but closed.

There are over 700 species of eucalyptus trees, most are native to Australia while others are native to Indonesia, New Guinea and the Phillipines. They are now cultivated throughout the world in tropical and warm temperate regions. Eucalyptus regnans, known as “swamp gum” is the tallest flowering tree/plant on Earth. Centurion, the tallest of this species reaches 327.5 ft. tall. It resides in Tasmania, an island state of Australia.

Fossils have been found that date eucalyptus trees to atleast 21 million years ago.

By revealing ourselves and awakening our core truths and fears we are able to take action. This inner “reckoning” helps us become a person of integrity and truth as we move through the obstacles we felt were insurmountable.

Message: The spirit of eucalyptus wants us to awaken to our true power and visualize a new way of being. Now is the time to draw on our inner resources to help us overcome whatever obstacle is in our path. The element of fire associated with eucalyptus signals a time of strength and the ability to make dramatic changes in our life. It also reminds us to cleanse our space, especially if we are holding onto clutter that is holding us back.

Challenge: Not attempting change, fear of failure prevents us from making change, which in turn blocks us from moving forward. This can feel as if we are trapped in a situation that is impossible to overcome. Now is a time to see through the illusion of feeling hopeless and helpless by taking action to improve our self.