Fig – Nurture – Earthkeeper of Fruit Trees (Queen of Cups)

Genus: Ficus – Family: Moraceae

Fig trees represent our earthly nature as nurturing co-creators. As a keystone species, the fig spirit awakens our collective memory of belonging to each other. It inspires us to share our creative energy and desires. The fruit, also known as a fig, resembles a womb, symbolizing a very fertile time to create something new.


Fig trees have inspired humanity for over 10,000 years. In ancient Egypt, ficus sycomorus was associated with the primordial earth goddesses Hathor, Nut and Isis as the “Lady of the Sycomore.”

The spreading crown of the old ficus of Benjamin in Paradeniya Royal Botanical Garden of Kandy, Sri Lanka

In India, Buddha achieved enlightenment under a Bodhi tree ficus religiosa. In the Book of Deuteronomy, figs are one of seven species that symbolize fertile land along with wheat, barley, grapes, pomegranates, olives and dates.

Figs are mentioned in the Qur’an, and the Hadith describes fig as descending from paradise because it is a fruit without a pit.


There are approximately 850 species of fig, ficus trees in the world; each one is considered sacred. Figs were one of the first trees to be cultivated by humans dating back to 9400 BCE. They are native throughout the tropical world.

One of many fascinating aspects of fig trees are their mutually beneficial relationships with wasps. Another is that the inside of a fig is lined with numerous unisexual flowers that are not visible. Fig trees and fig wasps have co-evolved for over 60-80 million years to produce edible and delicious figs and as well as healthy, pollinating wasps. The fig tree would not produce fruit if a fig wasp was unable to pollinate it. The fig wasp would not exist if the fig were not able to house its eggs within the fruit’s womblike cavity.


When a fig is destroyed, the fig wasps dedicated to that tree will not survive. If the fig wasps are eradicated the fig tree will no longer bear fruit. A non-fruit bearing fig can grow into a beautiful shade tree, some species like the strangler fig, ficus aurelea, can live for over a thousand years.

The fig spirit reminds us that we all belong to each other and invites us to work together to restore ourselves, our community and our earth. Figs inspire us to co-create beauty and health in our hearts.

Message: Fig encourages us to look for new openings in life and to consciously co-create for the greater good. This is a time of increased creative energy and success. It may signal new beginnings in; relationships, career, marriage or even pregnancy. Now is a time to actively engage in restoring our health, our home and our environment. Look for partnerships or groups that bring harmony and inspiration that fuel the creative spirit and feed the mind, body and soul. Artistic pursuits are highly encouraged now.

Challenge: The opposite energy of co-creation is isolation, oppression and or a feeling of domination over others. This perspective is destructive, controlling and unstable. Let go of attachments and outcomes that prevent creative flow.