Magnolia – Independence – Earthkeeper of Hardwoods (Queen of Swords)

Genus: Magnolia – Family: Magnoliaceae

Magnolia reminds us to embrace our independent nature and to consciously evolve by using our intellect and speaking our truth.

Magnolia is a large and ancient genus that lived over 130 million years ago. The first flowers on earth are directly related to magnolia. Magnolia flowers have multiple “petals” arranged in concentric rings, they are both male and female, which speaks to its independent nature. The magnolia tree consciously evolved its flowers to attract beetles, who were one of the earth’s first pollinators. Beetles didn’t have to do much except walk on the petals to help the magnolia self-pollinate itself.

As magnolias and beetles co-evolved, they paved the way for other flowering plants and trees to create the perfect environment for birds, bees and butterflies to flourish and pollinate the world.

The independent nature of magnolia is demonstrated by its shear desire to live during a time when other species became extinct.

Magnolias early ancestors once lived on Pangaea (Supercontinent 250 million years ago) and Laurasia (Europe and Asia 200 million years ago.) They were separated by ice shields, ocean rifts and continental drift. Magnolias eventually planted their roots in China, Japan and the Americas. Today there are 210 species of magnolia that differ in size, shape, color and habitat. Flowering magnolia trees have evolved to be either evergreen or deciduous trees.

Magnolia virginiana, known as sweetbay or laurel magnolia was the first Magnolia to be scientifically described. It is the “type species” of the Magnolia genus as well as the “type species” for all flowering plants/trees known as Angiosperms. It is native to North America.

Magnolia grandiflora, or southern magnolia, is an evergreen species that has the hardest and heaviest wood of all the magnolia species.

Magnolia champaca, is a large evergreen species native to India where it is considered a sacred tree by Hindus and Buddhists.

Magnolia sieboldii, Korean mountain magnolia is a small ornamental tree native to Korea. It is the national flower of North Korea.

Message: When magnolia appears, we are being asked to remain impartial so we can make decisions based on facts versus emotions. Our independence can sometimes give off the appearance that we don’t need anyone, or that we don’t care. We typically do take care of ourselves without asking or receiving help. Now may be a good time to reassess our personal relationships and ask for help when we need it. Magnolias ancient roots remind us to own our wisdom.

Challenge: Allowing others to “walk all over us.” Being involved in unbalanced or unhealthy relationships that are depleting us.