Maple – Dreams – Nine of Hardwoods (Swords)

Genus: Acer – Family: Sapindaceae

Maple reminds us to look for the deeper meaning held within our dreams. Our dreams are trying to get our attention so we can clear up any confusion or fear we may be experiencing.

Acer, (maple) is a genus of approximately 128 species. Sycamore maple, Acer pseudoplatanus, is the “type species,” which is native to Europe. The name sycamore comes from the Egyptian sycomore fig, Ficus sycomorus. The name pseodoplatanus (false plane tree) is based on the mottled bark.

In reality, maple isn’t a “true” sycamore or plane tree.

The American sycamore Platanus occidentalis, native to North America is a plane Plantanus, not a “true” sycamore, but it did inspire the song “Dream a little dream of me.”

This convoluted story of the maple trees true identity is a classic example of how words influence our perceptions and our dreams. If our reality is confused our subconscious tries to sort it out in our dreams.

Sugar maple, Acer saccharum, or hard maple is native to North America. It is one of the few species in the maple genus that is considered a “climax species.” The majority of maples are “pioneer species.” Sugar maples can reach heights of 150 feet tall and live for 400 years. They are seen as symbols of strength and endurance.

Native Americans honored the sugar maple as a strong and gentle teacher who brought sweetness to their life. Sugar maple shows us why it is important to do our deep inner dream work by transforming it into something useful.

Sugar maples are famous for their syrup, hardwood and stunning fall colors. All three of these gifts are made possible because they live with a sense of fearless dreaming. Their colorful leaves are a result of their desire to go into the darkness of winter with intention, clarity and strength. Sugar maples have the finest wood of all the maple species and are considered the hardest wood in North America. Its strength and beauty is due to its integrity as a tree that does its “inner work.”

Message: Sugar maple reminds us to tap into our dreams by allowing our emotions to be seen. If we are experiencing nightmares or wake up feeling lethargic, sad, fearful or tired sugar maple is here to encourage us to see their deeper meaning. Often our fears and insecurities are reflections of the expectations and perceptions we place on our self. By owning our dreams, we are empowered to bring our subconscious thoughts to consciousness. By truly seeing how we are perceiving ourselves and or our situation we can begin to see the areas we need to heal deep within us or the changes we need to make in our lives. Fearless dreaming can help release our fears.

Challenge: Restless sleep, inability to dream or remember dreams. Being resistant to following your dreams or allowing dreams to guide you. Could also be excessive day dreaming.