Plane – Counsel – Wisdomkeeper of Hardwoods (King of Swords)

Genus: Platanus – Family: Platanaceae

The plane tree reminds us to keep our emotions in check so we can remain impartial regarding situations that are needing our attention.

The plane tree Platanus orientalis was an oriental plane known as “The Tree of Hippocrates,” in Kos, Greece. Hippocrates (c. 460-370 BCE), is known as the “Father of Medicine,” he taught his students in its shade.

The plane has also been called the “Philosophers Tree” because Plato (c. 424-347 BCE), in his book Phaedrus, wrote of Socrates and Phaedrus discussing love, the soul and divine inspiration under a plane tree.

Cicero (c. 106-43 BCE) understood plane trees to be symbols of Plato’s Academy in Athens, thus confirming that these were trees associated with intellectual pursuits.

Pliny the Elder (c. 23-79 CE) described several legendary plane trees in his book Naturalis Historia. He was intrigued by the affection that great minds such as Homer had for this mighty tree.

Plane trees, also known as “chinar,” were planted near Hindu holy places throughout Kashmir in honor of the goddess Bhavani, “the giver of life.” Plane trees were also popular in ancient Persian gardens and are still found throughout the Middle East.

Platanus is the Greek word for plane tree. The most famed species are Platanus orientalis (oriental/eastern plane), Platanus occidentalis (American sycamore/western plane), and Platanus acerifolia (London plane tree). The London plane is a hybrid of the eastern and western plane tree.

Plane, platanus, is a genus consisting of a few species native to the Northern Hemisphere; all species except for one are deciduous trees. Planes are tall trees, reaching heights of 98 – 164 feet and can live to be 2000 years old. Fossil records have been recorded that date plane trees as far back as 98 – 113 million years ago.

Message: If plane has appeared in our life we are being asked to provide an objective point of view to those in need of advice or help. This is a tree of diplomacy and education based on our day-to-day observations of life. The appearance of plane tree could indicate a time to pursue higher education or to apply our knowledge in a new way that is useful for others. Now is a time to engage in intellectually stimulating conversations that expand our worldview. Plane may also be encouraging us to seek counsel if we are struggling with a decision or course of action.

Challenge: Not feeling intellectually stimulated or shutting ourselves off from the world.