Nut Trees (Pentacles)

Nut Trees (Pentacles)

In the traditional tarot, nut and seed trees would be seen as the suit of coins or pentacles that represent the element of earth. Nuts and seeds have actually functioned as early forms of currency due to their precious nature as a food source that can be stored, ground or eaten whole. Nuts are technically a fruit primarily composed of an inedible hard shell and a seed, which is generally edible.

Most nuts have a high fat content, which make them a source of valuable culinary oils and butters. Nuts and seeds can also be highly addictive and eaten like candy. Most nuts are high in vitamins, minerals and healthy fats making them a nutritious and portable snack. Unfortunately, nuts are among the most common food allergies.

Some nuts do not meet the botanical definition of a nut but are considered nuts in the culinary sense. The same goes for seeds that are often referred to as “beans,” when in fact they have no botanical relationship to legumes. Nuts and seeds are readily available to us and valuable in many ways. They represent our earthly riches in the form of nutritious, nutty treats that enhance our daily life.

Pioneer of Nuts – Pine Nut – Prosperity

Two of Nuts – Coffee – Balance

Three of Nuts – Macadamia – Ingenuity

Four of Nuts – Hickory – Holding

Five of Nuts – Walnut – Discernment

Six of Nuts – Pistachio – Generosity

Seven of Nuts – Cashew – Reward

Eight of Nuts – Brazil Nut – Preparing

Nine of Nuts – Acorn – Achievement

Ten of Nuts – Pecan – Wealth

Messenger of Nuts – Hazelnut – Manifestation

Guardian of Nuts – Chestnut – Provider

Earthkeeeper of Nuts – Hickory – Sacred

Wisdomkeeper of Nuts – Beechnut – Power