Beech – Power – Wisdomkeeper Nuts (King of Pentacles)

Genus: Fagus – Family: Fagaceae

Beech heralds time of prosperity, security and personal power. We are being asked to use our power wisely for peaceful outcomes.

Beech tree is synonymous with “book” or “letter” in Old English, Germanic and Slavic languages.

Beech is synonymous with the words book or letter in Old English, Germanic and Slavic languages. The genus name Faguscomes from the Greek word phegos meaning beech and or oak, based on the root phago meaning to eat or share. The Fagaceae or “beech family” includes beech and oaks, who provided nuts for food and wood for fire.  As “Mother Beech” and partner to “Father Oak” this powerful wisdomkeeper opened doorways to higher knowledge for those who sought it. The word Druid, a teacher and mystic, was formed from the Proto-Indo-European words deru/dhwor meaning (tree/door) and vid (to know). These “treewise” Druids often shared their wisdom by carving symbols and letters on sticks made of beech, to “divine” the truth. The Anglo-Saxon word treo, means both tree and truth and is based on the Sanskrit word taru (tree).

Beech trees are a deciduous climax species that can overpower even the mightiest of oaks. The common European beech, Fagus sylvatica is the most cultivated species in the Fagus genus. It is capable of reaching 160 ft tall. Beech forests are mystical and magical places with columns of silvery smooth bark topped with expansive canopies. The light that shines through is tinted green by it leaves. It’s thought that Cathedrals were inspired by the powerful sense of peace and awe that a beech forest provides.

The American beech, Fagus grandiflora once blanketed North America before the Pleistocene Ice Age confined it to east of the Mississippi. Fagus orientalis known as Oriental beech is native to Eurasia and Eastern Europe. Beech trees can live to be 200-400 years old. European, American and Asian beech trees are a valuable source of hardwood. They are used for flooring, musical instruments, furniture and toys. Its pulp is the sustainable source of modal, a strong yet soft textile that is growing in popularity.

Beechnuts are the seeds within the fruit of the beech tree; also called mast nuts. These small, triangular nuts form in burs that drop, in autumn. Their edible nuts contain powerful nutrients for improving brain and heart function. Beech reminds us to use our minds for knowledge while listening with our hearts for inner wisdom.

Message: Beech encourages us to step into our power as a person of integrity, peace and wisdom. In a letter written in 1817, Thomas Jefferson wrote, “knowledge is power, knowledge is safety and knowledge is happiness.” What we have learned and experienced is coming together and being transformed into wisdom. Wisdom is something we know deep in our hearts as truth. True power brings peace into our life, our home, our community and our world. This is a time of using our power wisely with love in our hearts.

Challenge: Preoccupation with material success, status and egocentric thinking, “power has gone to your head.”