Pecan – Wealth – Ten of Nuts (Pentacles)

Genus: Carya – Family: Juglandaceae

The pecan tree heralds a time of wealth and financial security. This could also indicate extra income, an inheritance or even retirement. It is a tree of accomplishment and comfort.

Pecan, Carya illinoinensis, is a large deciduous species of hickory, native to the southern United States and Mexico. Pecans and hickories are in the same family as walnuts.

The genus name Carya, is based on the ancient Greek word karya, meaning, “nut.” Carya is attributed to the primordial goddess Carya, “lady of the (hickory) nut tree.” She was later recognized as the Olympian nature goddess, Artemis Caryatis.

“Pecan,” is based on an Algonquin word; referring to walnuts, pecans and hickory, as nuts that are cracked open with a stone.

Native Americans were the first to live among pecan trees. They honored its wealth of offerings as they gathered and traded pecans as a source of food, dyes and oil. The Pecan tree was a welcome provider of cool shade on a hot summer day.

In 1541, Hernando De Soto and his gold seekers were so impressed by the wealth of the pecan that they brought it to Spain, where its popularity spread throughout Asia and Africa.

The early settlers of French Louisiana embraced the pecan by assimilating into their rich culture. Thomas Jefferson grew pecan trees at Monticello and shared them with George Washington. Pecans are the oldest living trees at Mount Vernon.

Pecans became a domesticated food crop in the 1880s. The United States is the leading producer of pecans in the world. Pecan trees can reach 75 ft. tall and bear nuts for 300 years making it a truly abundant, strong and wise tree.

Message: The pecan brings welcome relief to our lives in the form of monetary and or physical comfort. This is a time to relax and enjoy life by graciously accepting the gifts that are being offered to you. This is a time to gather with family and friends and celebrate what has been accomplished and the satisfaction of bringing something to completion. This accomplishment can be related to career, relationships, financial investments etc… This may also be a time of planning for the future and creating a strong and sustainable plan. This is a time of true success.

Challenge: Life’s difficulties may be challenging at this time, as things don’t appear to be working out as smoothly or as easily as planned.