Tree Stories

“And this, our life, exempt from public haunt, finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in stones, and good in everything.” – William Shakespeare

Welcome to Tree Spirit Wisdom, a nurturing, educational and inspirational place to renew your soul by connecting with the ancient wisdom of trees.

Trees are the truth tellers who hold insights as cross-cultural and archetypal symbols of our personal and collective stories.

Amun Re kneeling with the Tree of Life (Ished) Great Hypostyle Hall at Karnak. Built 2055 BCE

Trees move through the seasons of year just as we move through the seasons of life. They sprout new life in spring (birth), spread their branches in summer (life), release their leaves in fall (death), and draw on their inner resources in winter (rebirth). This cycle repeats itself year after year providing hope for the future as we ground ourselves in the present. Eventually every tree experiences a larger more permanent physical death, just as humans do. Once they are no longer able to breathe they gradually decompose and become one with the earth, but the spirit of the tree lives on.

Trees are found in creation myths and mystery teachings everywhere on earth. 

Garzi, Luigi, 1638-1721; The Birth of Adonis and the Transformation of Myrrha
Luigi Garzi. The Birth of Adonis and the Transformation of Myrrha.

They inspired stories that stirred the soul and ignited our imaginations. The World Tree is known as the Axis Mundi, representing a giant tree positioned within earth’s magnetic core that defines the north and south poles.  The Anima Mundi is known as the World Soul.

Aranyaka (Sanskrit “Forest Book”) written c 700 BCE. Vedic text. Yogi’s sitting under a Banyan tree receiving secret instructions.

By understanding that we are all interconnected to trees, we can begin to reconnect to each other by seeing the roots of our shared story.

Assyrian, (Sumerian Tree of Life tablet) 865-860 BCE. Nimrud, North-West Palace, Room B.

Trees are a reflection of our self and our innate connection to nature and creation. Let us rethink, rewrite and create new tree stories that inspire healing for our world.

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