Australia was actually one of the first continental islands to become inhabited. Much of what these early aboriginal learned was acquired during “dreamtime”.

Kauri tree is the embodiment of the forest god and is dubbed ‘Tane Mahuta’.

The Maori’s of nearby New Zealand have a Tree of Life Story that revolves around the World Tree. Kauri trees are the largest and the most protected plant species in New Zealand. The indigenous Maori see Kauri trees as the kings of the forest and believed that “the ancestor of the Kauri tree created life.” According to their creation mythology, given to them in “dreamtime,” this tree was the first thing to be formed at the center of the universe. It sprouted from an energy vortex, known as the cosmic navel. From the buds of this tree all of creation emerged.

The people that populated the oceanic island communities were often fearless explorers with an independent spirit.


Most islands are isolated and surrounded by water…they consist of rock, sand, trees, volcanoes, etc….these early inhabitants communicated with the world of spirit by connecting to the energies of nature and the stars.


A traditional myth from the Gilbert Islands in the Pacific Ocean tells of a garden where two trees grew, guarded by an original being called Na Kaa. Men lived under one tree and gathered its fruit, while women lived apart from the men under the other tree. One day when Na Kaa was away on a trip, the men and women came together under a tree. Upon his return, Na Kaa told them that they had chosen the Tree of Death, not the Tree of Life, and from now on all people would be mortal.