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This site is designed to compliment Tree Spirit Tarot or any other Tarot deck. You can match the card(s) you pull and find the tree(s) on this site that correlate to the Tarot. I have created this site as a way to share the wisdom of trees. You can search for a tree based on the Tarot or alphabetically under Tree Spirit Wisdom.

Tree Spirit Tarot – created by Laural Virtues Wauters

The Tarot is a deck of 78 cards that first appeared in 15th century Italy, but its roots may date back to ancient Egypt or Mesopotamia, where the origins of stories began. The Tarot’s original name was “Trionfi” (triumphs), which symbolized the triumphs and challenges one faces throughout life.

The Tarot is divided into two sets of cards.

Arcana comes from the Latin word arcanus, meaning “hidden secret”, based on the idea that our “fate” is a secret that reveals itself as we navigate our way through life. These “secrets” are actually life lessens that we can choose to learn or not. The Tarot is in essence, a road map with insights to help us realize our full potential.

Major Arcana represents 22 archetypal aspects of our life’s journey. It is helpful to imagine the major arcana arranged in a circle versus a line. It is symbolic of the Wheel of Life.

Major Arcana as the Wheel of Life

In Tree Spirit Tarot, the first Major Arcana card “0” is called the Wonderer, (Fool) “the one who is wondering”. Cards “1-21” represent the path one takes in search of their unique place in the world along with its challenges and opportunities. Eventually the desire to feel whole inspires the wonderer to reconnect with its soul.

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Major Arcana – Trees on our Journey

Minor Arcana is based in the four classical elements of: fire, water, air and earth. These elements symbolized the core functions of life that influence and support our daily journey. Fire relates to our passion and desires. Water represents our emotions, intuition and creativity. Air corresponds to our thoughts and actions while Earth embodies our physical nature. The 56 cards of the minor arcana are divided into four suits of 14 cards. These four suits (clubs, hearts, spades and diamonds) are found in a classical playing cards.

Elements – Tree Spirit Tarot suits – Traditional Suit – Aspect of Life

  • Fire – Evergreen Trees – Wands/Clubs – Desires, passions
  • Water – Fruit Trees – Cups/Hearts – Emotions, creativity
  • Air – Hardwood Trees – Sword/Spades – Intellect, actions
  • Earth – Nut Trees – Pentacles/Diamonds – Security, health

Each suit of 14 cards starts with the Pioneer (Ace), marking the beginning point within each suit. The cards then progress numerically from 2-10 followed by four court cards: Messenger, Guardian, Earthkeeper and Wisdomkeeper. Each card represents a different aspect of our daily journey through life.

Tree Spirit Suit – Meaning

  • Pioneer/Ace – New beginnings and potential.
  • Two – Find balance before moving forward.
  • Three – Influence of work, life, emotions.
  • Four – Time of contemplation, rest period.
  • Five – Adversity, conflict, loss.
  • Six – Growth after adversity brings insights.
  • Seven – Trust in the universe and yourself.
  • Eight – Be the change you wish to see.
  • Nine – Nearing completion can be uneasy.
  • Ten – Outcome is based on your work.
  • Messenger/Page – Message regarding a new phase.
  • Guardian/Knight – Time to make your move.
  • Earthkeeper/Queen – Seek the help of wise ones.
  • Wisdomkeeper/King – Believe in yourself.

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Tree Spirit Tarot – Return to the Garden of our Soul

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