Laural Virtues Wauters

Laural is a spiritual theorist, writer, educator and mandala facilitator. She weaves nature, history, psychology and art with storytelling to awaken the healing power of our mind, body and soul. Laural encourages us to see ourselves as creators of our reality and to become active participants in the co-creation of our world.

As a child in her native Germany, Laural experienced a series of encounters with a tree that spoke to her soul. After 9/11, she was inspired to untangle the shared roots of world belief. As Laural researched their origins from 40,000 BCE to present day, she saw how the illusion of separation between the self and the soul coincided with man’s disconnection from nature.

Laural studied the mythical Tree of Life, the mystical path of the soul and the energetic nature of our body. Intrigued by the work of psychologist Carl Jung, she saw how trees were archetypes of the human psyche and mandalas the archetype of wholeness. She began to sense how we each hold unique mythic maps that guide us on our journey. These same maps can also help us chart a new destiny for ourselves and our world.

In 2007, Laural left her career to pursue her soul’s calling. She traveled to Frankfurt Germany, to reconnect with the ancestral roots of her mother and the trees of her child hood. She visited the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina and Georgia to connect with her father’s ancestry. She immersed herself in the healing traditions of shamanic energy medicine, the meditative art of the mandala and comparative religion.

Laural has written three books and facilitated seven year-long Mandala Chakra Medicine Wheels, as well as numerous classes and retreats. She has been a lecturer at the university level on topics ranging from the compass of world belief, the sacred stories of trees, mandalas as a healing art form and mythic mapping & inner alchemy.

She holds a Bachelors in Social Work and a BA in Graphic Communications. Laural is currently a faculty member at Hawthorn Institute in Williams, OR.

Laural has written the following books:

Tree Spirit Tarot – Return to the Garden of our Soul – the accompanying Tree Spirit Tarot deck is available at: Printers Studio

The Guardian Tree – The true story of Carmen Sylvia (autobiography)

Mandala Chakra – Awaken the One Within 

To contact Laural her email is: