Olive – Peace

Olive – Peace

Species: Olea – Family: Oleaceae

When olive tree appears, it signifies a sense of peace within our self. The concept of judgment is flipped from external judgment to inner acknowledgment where we become comfortable in our own skin with nothing to hide.

In Greek mythology, Athena (goddess of wisdom) was judged as the winner over Poseidon (god of the seas) for producing an olive tree versus a well of sea-water. Her reward was that the city of Athens Greece would be named for her.

During the Olympic Games, first held in 776 BCE, athletes were massaged with olive oil to give them the wisdom, power and strength of Athena before competing and being judged in various events. The victors were given crowns made of olive leaves. Olive oilwas used as the sacred fuel for the “eternal flame.

The ancient Romans were continually passing judgment as they battled between war and peace. Mars the Roman god of war, was seen as the bringer of peace when holding an olive branch.

The olive branch is a sacred symbol of peace in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Several countries incorporate olive branches into their national emblems.

The appearance of olive tree signals a time of making life-changing decisions that require intuition and wisdom. This is when we can choose to stand in our power as a person of peace.

The olive, Olea europaea (European olive) is an evergreen native to the Mediterranean basin. Fossil evidence dates its origins to 20-40 million years ago in Italy. It was first cultivated around 5000 BCE. Olive trees are able to live for over 2000 years. They thrive on well-drained sunny slopes in hot weather. Olive wood is very hard with a fine grain and is highly prized for its color and durability. Almost 90% of all olives that are harvested are pressed into olive oil. The Greeks massaged olive oil onto their bodies for cleansing and good health. In Ayurvedic medicine this is known as Abhyanga. The olive tree indicates that a period of cleansing and healthy choices is needed.

Message: Olive acknowledges that we have reached a milestone in our journey of awakening. The olive spirit reminds us to honor and reflect on our life. This is a time to learn from our experiences and understand the themes that seem to reappear. Equally important is to honor how we maintained our integrity by remaining true to ourselves in the face of adversity. If we feel we have not achieved what we had hoped for now would be a time to reassess our expectations and goals. This journey through life is made up of many smaller journeys and the olive tree encourages us to remain true to ourselves so we can make peace with our self and feel it in our heart.

Challenge: Feelings of being a failure and lying to yourself.

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