Peach – Wish

Peach – Wish

Genus: Prunus – Family: Rosaceae

Peach signals a time when our wishes are fulfilled, at least for the moment. Peach reflects happiness in all areas of our life and the satisfaction that comes from being at peace with our health, work, love and relationships. Peach also reminds us to stay grounded during this time in order to not get carried away in our fantasies.

Peaches are seen as the fruit of immortality, and the wish for a long and healthy life. In Chinese mythology peaches were eaten by the “eight immortals” during an extravagant banquet called the “Feast of the Peaches.”

The divine Queen Mother of the West (Xi) would hold this feast every 6000 years in honor of her birthday. The mortal Jade Emperor (Wu) co-hosted the banquet. Together they symbolize the divine and mortal aspects of life coming together in oneness, which is infinite. The peach tree is native to China where fossilized remains have been found that date back 2.6 million years.

The domestication of peaches, Prunus persica (Persian plum) began in China around 6000 BCE in the Zhejiang Province. They appeared in Japan around 4500 BCE and India in 1700 BCE. Eventually the cultivation of peaches extended to Persia (Iran) and Greece by 300 BCE before being introduced to the Romans who called peaches malum persicum or “Persian apples.” Because Europeans believed that peaches were native to Persia, they were named persica. Throughout all these cultures the peach was seen as mythical fruit of health, peace and happiness. Something everyone wishes for.

Peaches and nectarines are the exact same fruit except that nectarines have smooth skin while peaches are velvety. Peaches are a stone fruit (drupe) related to plums. There are hundreds of peaches and nectarine cultivars that are identified as being freestones or clingstones. Freestones release the fruit from the pit while the fruit of clingstones cling to the pit. This lesson of peach reminds us to be conscious of when we are clinging on too long or letting go too soon.

During the Renaissance, many European artists symbolically painted peaches to represent the heart with an attached leaf as a symbol for the tongue. This motif implied that speaking truth from one’s heart was also good for one’s health.

Message: Peach represents the completion of something we have wished for, a dream we have held or a goal we have achieved.  This is a time of emotional fulfillment that brings a new sense of joy and happiness. By expressing gratitude for all the blessings in our life we are able to make even more wishes come true. Overall, this is a time of positive and protective energy especially as it pertains to our heart. By staying true to our heart our ultimate wish becomes clear.

Challenge: Unhealthy habits and thoughts that are weighing heavy on your heart. Becoming resistant to change or new ideas. Clinging on to the past.

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