Hazelnut – Manifestation

Hazelnut – Manifestation

Genus: Corylus – Family: Betulaceae

When hazelnut appears, we are entering a time of great wisdom and insight as we manifest a sweeter way of living that will be more rewarding to our soul.

In Celtic legend hazelnuts were seen as carriers of wisdom. There is an ancient tale of a sacred pool where nine holy hazelnut trees grew. These trees dropped their nuts into a pool of water so the salmon would eat the nuts and absorb their wisdom. A Druid named Finnegas caught the “salmon of knowledge” and asked his young student to cook it. As the student cooked the fish he burned his thumb and instinctively sucked on it for comfort. In turn, he absorbed the wisdom of both the salmon and the hazelnut, which gave him extraordinary insight and power. The boy, named Finn McCool, became a hero in Gaelic mythology by laying gigantic stepping-stones that connected Ireland and Scotland.

Hazelnuts have been harvested since Mesolithic times over 9,000 years ago. Stone-lined pits filled with over 100,000 burned hazelnut shells have been discovered in Scotland dating to 6000 BCE. Similar sites have been found on the Isle of Man in Britain. These discoveries provide insights into the role that hazelnuts held in everyday life.

The fruit of the common hazel tree, Corylus avellana is called a hazelnut. Its close sibling, Corylus maxima is called a filbert. Corylus avellana is native to Europe and western Asia. Turkey is the world’s largest producer of hazelnuts.

The kernel within the seed of all hazelnuts is edible and rich in protein, vitamin E, manganese and other vitamins and minerals. Their sweet, nutty flavor is used to create a wide assortment of sweet treats such as: pralines, chocolate truffles, Nutella, cakes and tortes, etc.

Frangelico is a liqueur made from hazelnuts, cocoa and vanilla. The name Frangelico is based on the hermit monk, Fra Angelico who created it. The distinctive bottle is shaped like a Franciscan Friar.

Message: The spirit of the hazelnut encourages entrepreneurial pursuits based on the wisdom we have gained. This is a time of new beginnings and manifestation; especially pertaining to something we have been dreaming of. Regardless of how we pursue our dreams the hazel reminds us to retain our childlike sense of wonder.

Challenge: Becoming complacent or lazy, losing touch with the wonderment of life. Focusing on short-term pleasures versus envisioning long-term goals.

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