Orange – Success

Orange – Success

Genus: Citrus – Family: Rutaceae

Orange signals a time of well-deserved recognition, achievement and success. Enjoy the sweet taste of success.

The word orange comes from the Sanskrit word naranga meaning orange tree. In Hindu and Buddhist cultures, orange is considered the most sacred color for it represents the purifying power of fire. The roots of all citrus date back millions of years to native citrons, pomelos, papeda and mandarins that grew in the Himalayan region. Around 3000 BCE, humans introduced citrus to Asia as they migrated east. Sweet oranges Citrus sinensis, were first cultivated in China around 2500 BCE. They are a hybrid of pomelo Citrus maxima and mandarin Citrus reticulata. Orange trees are flowering evergreens with fragrant blossoms, fruit and wood. In Latin, the word citrum meant “sweet fragrant wood”. In Italian, citrons were called cedro, inspiring the genus name Citrus and the naming of cedar as Cedrus, another sweet aromatic evergreen.

Organic Raw Red Blood Oranges

Sweet oranges are the most cultivated fruit in the world and are divided into four classes: common oranges, blood oranges, navel oranges and acid-less oranges. They are famous for their delicious sweet juice and high vitamin C content.

Orange blossoms are associated with love and good fortune. They are popular for weddings bouquets and perfumes. Oranges and orange blossoms are used in fine cooking and liquors as well as orange marmalade. The rind of an orange is used to produce “zest” which enhances the flavor of recipes incorporating orange as a flavorful ingredient. Orange rinds are the source of orange essential oil, a popular fragrance for perfumes and aromatherapy.

In 17thcentury Europe, Baroque painters featured them in portraits and still lives as symbols of prosperity. A cultivar of blood orange known as Tarocco, native to Italy, is thought to have inspired the name “Tarot” in the 1500s. Since the word “tarot” means “triumphs”, orange is reminding us to reflect on our triumphs large or small.

Sandro Botticelli “Primavera” Venus in an orange grove. (Allegory of Spring) 1470-1480.

Orange lifts our moods and helps us heal. Its sweetness soothes and stimulates our senses.

This is a time to recharge our batteries and enjoy life.

Message: Now is a time to enjoy and reflect on the many successes we have achieved. We are being rewarded as the spirit of the orange tree signals a time of increased health and vibrancy. If there was ever a time to indulge, now is it! We are being encouraged to love all that we are and to honor what we have accomplished. This may also be a time to reach out to old friends, teachers or loved ones and share our success with them.

Challenge: Becoming trite, apathetic, shriveled up or joyless. Allowing life’s challenges to define our pain versus seizing the wisdom that comes along with it. Or becoming egoistic and too enamored with ourself.

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