Pecan – Wealth

Pecan – Wealth

Genus: Carya – Family: Juglandaceae

The pecan tree heralds a time of wealth and financial security. This could also indicate extra income, an inheritance or even retirement.

The name Pecan is based on an Algonquin word; referring to nuts that needed to be cracked open with a stone. Native Americans were the first to experience the wealth of a pecan tree. They gathered pecans primarily as a nutritious food, but they were also used to make dye and oil. Pecans became a delicious delicacy that could be traded for goods and services with other tribes.

In 1541, Spanish explorer, Hernando De Soto and his gold seekers were so impressed by the potential of the pecan that they brought it to Spain. Its popularity soon spread throughout Asia and Africa. Early French settlers in Louisiana assimilated the pecan into their culinary culture, creating pecan pie. Thomas Jefferson grew pecan trees at Monticello, as did George Washington at Mount Vernon.

The Pecan tree was an important southern shade tree on a hot summer day. Pecan, Carya illinoinensis, is a large deciduous species native to the southern United States and Mexico. Pecan is sometimes called Hickory, Butternut or Sweet Pecan. All belong to the same genus, Carya, but Pecans are a different species. Pecan trees need a male and female tree to produce fruit, whereas Hickory trees are self-pollinating. This speaks to the dynamic of having a partner versus going it alone. Studies have shown that married couples are happier and enjoy more financial security than their single counterparts.

The genus name Carya, is based on the ancient Greek word karya, meaning, “nut.” Carya is attributed to the primordial goddess Carya, “lady of the nut tree.” She was later recognized as the Olympian nature goddess, Artemis Caryatis.

Pecans became a domesticated food crop in the 1880s. The United States is the leading producer of pecans in the world. Because of their popularity, pecans are becoming a luxury. Their price is driven by the demand, which is moving faster than pecan trees can grow. Pecan trees can reach up to 75 ft. tall. They can produce nuts for 300 years, depending on weather conditions.

Message: The pecan brings welcome relief to our lives in the form of monetary and or physical comfort. This is a time to relax and enjoy life by graciously accepting the gifts that are being offered to you. This is a time to gather with family and friends and celebrate what has been accomplished and the satisfaction of bringing something to completion. This accomplishment can be related to career, relationships, financial investments etc… This may also be a time of planning for the future and creating a strong, successful and sustainable plan.

Challenge: Life’s difficulties may be challenging at this time, as things don’t appear to be working out as smoothly or as easily as planned.

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