Acorn – Achievement – Nine of Nut & Seeds (Coins)

Genus: Quercus – Family: Fagaceae

Acorns signal a time for achievement, when we have reached a point in our life where we can better appreciate the beauty and abundance that surrounds us.

The word acorn comes from the Gothic Germanic word “akran” meaning “fruit of the unenclosed land.” In the 14thcentury Chaucer, the father of English literature, referred to acorns as “achornes of okes.” Before agriculture, acorns were gathered as a source of flour. Since acorns come from oak trees, the Celtic word oak or “ac” merged with the word “corn” to form the word acorn.

In Celtic culture, acorns were considered sacred because they held the “secret potential” of the oak tree. It is said that acorns were exchanged as discreet signals between druids so they could “know” each other. A Druid was known as someone who was “oak wise.”

The white oak tree, Quercus alba is the most sought-after producer of acorns due to their nuttier, sweeter taste and lower tannin content. A white oak will begin producing acorns around 20 years old, but the tree doesn’t produce large crops until it reaches 50 years of age. This speaks to the importance of honoring the time it takes to achieve our dreams. Patience and hard work coupled with vison and wisdom are important factors to cultivate in our life.

Acorns were a traditional food for the indigenous people of North America. Unlike most other plant foods, acorns do not need to be eaten or processed soon after they are harvested.

Message: Acorn reminds us to stay humble even during times of great achievement. This is a time to embrace the art of self-sufficiency, self-discipline and self-control. As we master these aspects of life we begin to flow in harmony with the natural rhythms of nature. Acorns appearance suggests that we are about to sprout a new plan or a new opportunity will appear before us.

Challenge: Being loud or indiscreet. Not able to keep secrets especially those that could impact others.